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GenreArcade Platform
Developer / PublisherDisney
Media1 x cartridge
Reviewed byP.Dial
Disney's Aladdin is a platform game released from Virgin and based on the 1992 animated film Aladdin. The game was originally released on Sega Megadrive / Genesis and later ported to the Nintendo SNES console and the Amiga AGA home computers.
You are Aladdin, a young man who travels around the Middle East, from Agrabah to the Cave Of Wonders, in a tough quest to locate the Grand Vezier Jafar's palace and confront him. Aladdin yields his trustworthy sword, the only weapon that protects him against the Vezier's guards, animals, insects and more enemies that try to make his life miserable.There are also numerous bonuses and power ups available by smashing different objects with your sword. At its core, Aladdin is a classic arcade platform game that has the player jumping from one platform to another, avoiding gaps and traps, killing enemies and collecting bonuses. Our hero also uses some kind of a parachute that helps him glide through large gaps and wide spaces, while he also rides a magic carpet in two of the game's levels.

The SNES version (note: which is superior to the rival Megadrive) features crisp and detailed graphics with more than 200 colors on screen. The animation is very smooth and the action is fast with no slowdowns at all. The cartoonish sprites look as if they were taken directly from the original movie and the sound FX are very cool while the music score is also based on the movie's great soundtrack. Aladdin is a game that showcases the SNES' great potential to perform almost perfect -and of arcade quality- platform games.
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin
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Comparable platforms
Nintendo Super NES
SEGA Megadrive
Hardware information

Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Nintendo (SNES)CPU: Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816 core, Input: 21.28137 MHz Bus: 3.55 MHz, 2.66 MHz, or 1.77 MHz
MEMORY: Main RAM: 128Kb / Video RAM: 64Kb / Sound RAM: 64Kb
GRAPHICS: Progressive: 256x224, 512x224, 256x239, 512x239 and Interlaced: 512x448, 512x478 / Pixel Depth 2,4,7,8 bpp (8 to 11 bpp dorect) / Colors: 32768 (Depth 15bit) / Sprites: 128 (64x64 pixels) / Backgrounds: Up to 4 planes each up to 1024x1024 pixels / Special: Mode 7 matrix operations. (1 layer 128x128 tiles out of 256 with 256 colors)
SOUND: Sony SPC700, Sony DSP: 16-bit ADPCM, 8 channels. Output: 32 kHz 16-bit stereo
The Super Nintendo (SNES) (default) color palette
15bit RGB 32,768-color palette (256 on screen)
comment on 2009-10-24 07:56:13
WonderboyJoin Date: 2009-09-12
Looks great on SNES. But still excellent on A1200 and AGA systems though.
comment on 2010-10-20 12:59:20
akmakasJoin Date: 2010-02-17
Μακράν η καλύτερη έκδοση σε Α1200..Υπέροχα γραφικά όμορφος ήχος..Ένα διαχρονικό παιχνίδι από όλες τις απόψεις!!
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