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GenreShoot em Up
Developer / PublisherActivision
Media1 x cartridge
Reviewed byP.Dial
BioMetal is a left-to-right side scrolling shoot 'em up, developed exclusively for the Nintendo SNES by Athena Co and published by Activision.
After the Great War that took place some years ago among different alien nations, the Galaxy is now divided into smaller territories. When the War finally ended, everything seemed so peaceful but this peace didn't last too long since a particular alien race is already planning another evil attack. So they return, in order to complete their most recent experiment mixing animals with machines. The outcome of this experiment is Biometal, a very powerful AI creature, half machine and half animal. As a skilled combat pilot, you are assigned to pursuit and shoot down each and every enemy spaceship and put an end to the aliens' plans once and for all. Your only faithful weapon is your MF-92GX super fighter, a very agile an d capable aircraft armed with laser guns and missiles. The enemy hordes are countless and consist of numerous aircrafts of different sizes and powers. You must cover your back and beware for your nation's future is now in your hands.

Athena Co did a great job to this game. The SNES shows some "teeth" in terms of graphics and sound. The graphics are fantastic, featuring numerous colors on screen and a very fast -and particularly smooth- animation, with dozens of sprites simultaneously on screen. The sound effect are quite solid but the element that makes this game unique is its music scores. From the intro music to the in-game paranoia, if you connect your SNES with a stereo audio source you will witness a bunch of awesome techno-style music scores (resembling 2 Unlimited's songs!!)
  • BioMetal
  • BioMetal
  • BioMetal
  • BioMetal
  • BioMetal
  • BioMetal
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Nintendo (SNES)CPU: Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816 core, Input: 21.28137 MHz Bus: 3.55 MHz, 2.66 MHz, or 1.77 MHz
MEMORY: Main RAM: 128Kb / Video RAM: 64Kb / Sound RAM: 64Kb
GRAPHICS: Progressive: 256x224, 512x224, 256x239, 512x239 and Interlaced: 512x448, 512x478 / Pixel Depth 2,4,7,8 bpp (8 to 11 bpp dorect) / Colors: 32768 (Depth 15bit) / Sprites: 128 (64x64 pixels) / Backgrounds: Up to 4 planes each up to 1024x1024 pixels / Special: Mode 7 matrix operations. (1 layer 128x128 tiles out of 256 with 256 colors)
SOUND: Sony SPC700, Sony DSP: 16-bit ADPCM, 8 channels. Output: 32 kHz 16-bit stereo
The Super Nintendo (SNES) (default) color palette
15bit RGB 32,768-color palette (256 on screen)
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