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Game info

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
GenreAction Platform
DeveloperHudson Soft
PublisherHudson Soft
Reviewed byndial
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu is an action platform video game developed by Now Production and published by Hudson Soft. It was initially released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and a year later a TurboGrafx-16 version followed.
Jackie Chan Action Kung FuSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Jackie Chan and his sister Josephine are master Kung Fu champs and they protect their country against evil. But this time, the Prince of Sorcerers, a green-skinned villain with magic powers attacks Jackie's home and kidnaps his sister. Jackie embarks on an adventure to stop the Prince of Sorcerers and his minions and save his sister.The game features five tough levels (each with a big boss in the end) and you fight many enemies that block your plans to save your beloved sister. The enemies vary from samurais to tigers, trolls etc and will drop green orbs when defeated. Your energy bar will refill every time you collect 100 of these orbs (on the NES version you only need 50 orbs to replenish health). You can also collect power-ups by hitting incoming enemy frogs (!). Extra continues can be earned through some 30-seconds bonus stages that can be triggered by bells in the main levels. Upon triggering, Jackie is transported to the bonus stage that usually involves jumping on clouds or hitting statues to earn points. Note that an end-level boss can be either a giant bird or a large spider! The only problem with this game is that it's way too short...!

The PCE graphics are in one word, impressive! It is very obvious (and expected) that there are major differences at each level's layouts and the bosses' behaviors between the much powerful TurboGrafx and the NES version. The game's mechanics are simple and quite common but Jackie Chan's charms are not limited to what you would see in a casual beat 'em up. And this is achieved through its high quality soundtrack, great sound effects and gorgeous visuals. The stages are detailed and colorful whether you jump from cloud to cloud or try to avoid falling into a boiling lava! And everything works and moves like charm, since the animation is flawless (the least)! Overall, Jackie Chan is a fun and very playable arcade action game that every TurboGrafx (or Nintendo NES) owner should play! Hands down!
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
  • Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuoCPU: HuC6280 8bit at 3.6MHz
GRAPHICS: Dual 16-bit GPUs (HuC6260 Video Color Encoder, HuC6270A Video Display Controller), 64KB VRAM,
482 colors at once out of 512, 64 hardware sprites,
Supports: 256 x 256 to 320x256 flicker free interlaced screen resolution.
A 512x256 mode is possible through fiddling with registers, but not
SOUND: Capable of generating clear digitized sounds and harmonized music. Use of "Turbo Booster" add-on, could generate stereo sound.
The PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo (default) color palette
9-bit RGB 512-color palette (482 on-screen)
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