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Game info


GenreCombat Simulation
DeveloperThe Code Monkeys
Reviewed byndial
Gunboat is a combat action simulator in which you take control of a USS Gunboat in several conflict zones. The game was released for the Amiga, PC MS-DOS, TurboGrafx-16 and ZX Spectrum in 1990.
Gunboat is a boat simulator and the action starts during the Vietnam War. You are a capable navy man and command a USS Gunboat. Your main mission is to destroy every enemy ship on sight or military buildings found on the islands you pass through. As you progress each mission the game grants you with higher ranks and, by the time you reach the Second Lieutenant's rank, Gunboat tranfers you to a battle against the drug lords of Colombia. After achieving the grade of Lieutenant Commander, you patrol the Panama Canal Zone. During every battle, you move through a number of different positions aboard the gunboat, including the pilot's, the stern gunner's and the mid-ship gunner's. As a gunboat pilot you take control of the search lights and the vessel's speed, identify targets for the gunners and give the relevant command to your crew to either open or cease fire. The game is not so easy to play since it's a simulator, so it needs some practice, especially on the alignment part between your vessel and its guns!

The graphics are nicely done although there are some minor issues with the framerate on the PC Engine's version. The pseudo-3D environments feature a cool color palette but the way you move either your gunboat or the guns feels a bit "heavy". The game also features some sampled sound effects including voice commands, gunfire, explosions and the boat's engine (which is rather disturbing to your ears) and no in-game music at all. Also, the intro music at the main menu is a spoof from a known battle march.
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
  • Gunboat
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuoCPU: HuC6280 8bit at 3.6MHz
GRAPHICS: Dual 16-bit GPUs (HuC6260 Video Color Encoder, HuC6270A Video Display Controller), 64KB VRAM,
482 colors at once out of 512, 64 hardware sprites,
Supports: 256 x 256 to 320x256 flicker free interlaced screen resolution.
A 512x256 mode is possible through fiddling with registers, but not
SOUND: Capable of generating clear digitized sounds and harmonized music. Use of "Turbo Booster" add-on, could generate stereo sound.
The PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo (default) color palette
9-bit RGB 512-color palette (482 on-screen)
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