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Road Fighter

Road Fighter
GenreArcade Racing
Reviewed byndial
Road Fighter is the first racing game from Konami, released for the arcades in 1985 and later ported to the MSX home computer systems. In the early 90s, Road Fighter was also released for the Nintendo NES in Japan and Europe, a version that kept the same format as the original.
Road Fighter is a top-to-bottom racing game, so your main goal is to drive fast and reach the check point before your car is out of fuel, to continue to the next stage. There are many obstacles on route like cars, tractors (that drop oil drums), tankers, oil slicks, road blocks and other hazards. Hitting cars causes skid and possible a spin-out that must be skillfully controlled by counter steering and braking or you will just crash and explode. The action is pretty fast and smooth, and the gameplay gets rather difficult at times due to its speed and the narrow curves, turns and bends. There are occasionally some bonus items (depicted as purple hearts) that grant you with extra, precious fuel. Road Fighter spawned two sequels in its time, the Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 in 1995 and Winding Heat in 1996, respectively.

The graphics on the MSX home computers are colorful and the action is quite fast. Note that this is a vertical perspective racing game, and (well) the car cannot turn at 180 degrees when running, but you can only move it left-right on the x-axis when passing from (hopefully) narrow corners! The sound is quite satisfactory with sound effects of your car's engine and the explosion when hitting an obstacle or crashing into other cars.
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
  • Road Fighter
Gameplay sample
Hardware information


MSXCPU: ZiLOG Z80A at 3,58MHz
MEMORY: 32, 64 KB and 128 KB exist, 32KB ROM (16Kb for bios, 16Kb for Basic)
GRAPHICS: Texas Instruments TMS9918, Video RAM: 16 KB supporting a 16 color palette and up to 256x192 resolution (support 32 sprites).
SOUND: General Instrument AY-3-8910 (PSG), 3 channels, 8 octaves
The MSX (default) color palette
15-color YPbPr-encoded palette (15 on screen)
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