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Game info

Bomber King

Bomber King
GenreAction Adventure
DeveloperHudson Soft USA
PublisherHudson Soft
Reviewed byndial
Bomber King is an action puzzle game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Jaleco initially for the Nintendo NES and later on the MSX system. The game was also known as Robowarrior.
The game takes place on an alien planet called Altile and you control a cyborg named ZED. Your mission is to fight the Xantho empire and destroy their leader, Xur. You can deploy bombs to clear any path through rocks, walls and forests, while killing enemies and collecting items. Some gameplay elements resemble those of the 1983 game Bomberman. Bomber King has five levels in total. On the first level you must obtain a key before the time limit expires. On the second the key is unavailable until you acquire a crystal. Note that some levels are cast in darkness, rendering obstructions almost invisible unless the player has a lamp. The other levels are mazes in which you must find and blast-through weak points spotted in walls to proceed.

The graphics on the MSX are colorful and the level design looks nice with detailed backgrounds. But the game's framerate suffers a lot and, because of that cons, it's quite difficult to move inside the mazes and avoid enemy fire. The game's sound is good, featuring a few catchy in-game tunes and sound effects.
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
  • Bomber King
Gameplay sample
Hardware information


MSXCPU: ZiLOG Z80A at 3,58MHz
MEMORY: 32, 64 KB and 128 KB exist, 32KB ROM (16Kb for bios, 16Kb for Basic)
GRAPHICS: Texas Instruments TMS9918, Video RAM: 16 KB supporting a 16 color palette and up to 256x192 resolution (support 32 sprites).
SOUND: General Instrument AY-3-8910 (PSG), 3 channels, 8 octaves
The MSX (default) color palette
15-color YPbPr-encoded palette (15 on screen)
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