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Developer / PublisherDMA Design / Psygnosis
Media1 x tape
Reviewed byndial
One of the best puzzle computer games ever developed and considered to be one of the most widely-ported video games of all time. Initially released on Amiga computers and later ported to the Atari ST , PC (MS-DOS), Apple Mac and all major 8bit home-computers and 8/16bit video-game consoles. There are several sequels of the game released up to 2000!
LemmingsThe popularity of the game on the Amiga (initially released) led to its rapid porting to many other platforms: Panasonic 3DO, Acorn Archimedes, Amstrad CPC, Apple IIGS, Macintosh, Atari Lynx, ST, Commodore 64, Amiga CD32 Amiga CDTV, MS-DOS, Nintendo's NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, SAM Coupe, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive (Genesis), Sinclair ZX Spectrum! The game is considered to be one of the most widely-ported video games of all time. The game is divided into a number of levels featuring both destructible landscape elements such as rocks, indestructible sections such as steel plates, and numerous obstacles including chasms, high walls, large drops, pools of water or lava, and several traps. Each level also includes one or more entrance points and one or more exits. The goal is to guide a certain percentage of the little blue-shirted fellas, from the entrance to the exit by clearing or creating a safe passage through the landscape for the lemmings to use. Each lemming will walk in one direction ignoring any other lemming in its way unless assigned a special task (available in the bar at the bottom section of the screen) to help making a path to the desired destination. Those tasks mainly involve: Climbing, Blocking, Manufacturing, Punching, Digging, Mining and the most impressive and Blasting etc! Those skills are available according to the level design (not all of them always available). Note that, the little green-haired fellas will die if they fall from a great height, fall into water or lava or off the map, or get caught in a trap; they also die after being assigned the blasting/bomber skill.
So when i.e. falling from a great height, be fast and assign to them an umbrella skill to each one (such a skill will be available according to the level design)!

Sam Coupe was known for its advanced graphics and sound hardware at the time of its release. This port is not an exception and is a game that could easily show its advance 8bit hardware capabilities. The graphics here are very good, almost identical to the original 16bit Amiga and Atari ST versions. Ok, this game was never supposed to have excellent graphics, but the Sam Coupe version resembles almost the 16bit version. Graphics, although not top quality, work very well and are more than adequate. They are small but detailed, very cute and definitely up to the usual Psygnosis standards. In particular, sprite animation is top notch here!
The sound is pretty good too, featuring all original great in-game tunes, but failing to produce the digitized SFX of the Amiga, ST. Overall an excellent puzzle game that will keep you interested even now!
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings
Sound samples
Intro music:  In-game sound:
Gameplay sample
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Comparable platforms
MGT Sam Coupe
Amstrad CPC
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore C64
Hardware information

Sam Coupe

Sam CoupeCPU: ZiLOG Z80B @ 6 MHz
MEMORY: 32 KB ROM, 256KB or 512KB RAM (up to 4.5MB externally added in 1MB packs)
GRAPHICS: Palette of 128 colours. Supports 256x192 (16 colours), 512x192 (4 colours), 256x192 (2 colours) and Mode 1 at 256x192 matching the display and colors of the ZX Spectrum. Was possible to display all 128 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Six channel, 8 octave stereo sound by Philips SAA 1099 chip.
The Sam Coupe (default) color palette
RGB 128-colours palette (16 on screen)
comment on 2010-04-16 13:15:34
WonderboyJoin Date: 2009-09-12
Looks pretty much the Amiga version! I've seen a few videos on youtube. its awesome on the Sam Coupe, never played it on this system.
comment on 2010-04-16 13:16:31
WonderboyJoin Date: 2009-09-12
comment on 2010-04-16 13:19:29
WonderboyJoin Date: 2009-09-12
Pretty good ot the Sam! similar to Amiga! I've seen videos on youtube, never played anything on a Sam Coupe system!
comment on 2010-04-25 18:37:05
FreddyJoin Date: 2009-09-07
Nice conversion from the 16bits! I think the Sam Coupe's hardware had the ability to display good graphics (and sound), although I would prefer the Amstrad CPC+ hardware... I wonder, why a CPC+ version of The Lemmmings never released?
comment on 2010-04-25 18:41:11
FreddyJoin Date: 2009-09-07
Hey have anyone listen to the Commodore's music of the game? It's awesome! Almost similar to the Amiga (well almost...)
comment on 2014-08-22 14:12:34
rogerjowettJoin Date: 2014-08-22 trying to persuade LCD to modify bmp2scr can anyone help? z80 coders and pc programmers wanted
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