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Game info

Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag
Reviewed byndial
Checkered Flag is a racing game that could be considered as an improved Atari 2600's hit "Pole Position"! It was released in 1991 as a pack-in game with the Lynx console in the Australian and European markets.
Checkered FlagSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Checkered Flag is a, simple to play, and very addictive racing game much like the good OLD "Pole Position" for the Atari 2600 video game console in the early 80s. The game is an absolute joy to play and it offers nothing that hasn't been done before as it implements and integrates all of its elements effectively. There are no bonus items, pit-stops, weapons to complicate matters! The emphasis is given in your good driving skills at high speeds. The action is viewed from directly behind your racing car with a course map, race information, speed-o-meter and rear view mirrors always visible. The controls are simple, including accelerating, braking, gear shifting and steering. There are 16 tracks and plenty of ways you can set up your race. You can select your racing mode from practice, single heat or tournament. Note that the Lynx version looks more like an arcade racing game rather than a driving simulator. The cars are a pain to overtake though and if you just touch one of them you spin out zero-ing your speed and it gets annoying over time. The opponents are very challenging but fairly straightforward, though they seem to be better drivers than you since it's hard to go through any track without stopping (crashing actually).

The graphics are good! The racing tracks are detailed and colorful while the game's speed is smooth and fast! Actually, the feeling of speed is very convincing considering the Lynx's hardware scaling the devs used to make everything "fly" smoothly (note also that the old and effective color-cycling technique is also present in this game). The sound is awesome! The engine's whines alert you to shift gear, the tires squeal on tight turns and the stereo motor sounds of the opponents warn for overtaking attempts. More on that, the flagman's digitized voice announcing the start of the race and the musical scores between races are pretty impressive too! Note that, a much improved version was also released for the Atari Jaguar, later in 1994.
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Checkered Flag
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Atari Lynx

Atari LynxCPU: 8-bit CPU, 16-bit address space MOS Technology 6502 at 3.6MHz
GRAPHICS: Suzy (16-bit custom CMOS chip running at 16 MHz) supporting hardware drawing, unlimited number of high-speed sprites with collision detection, hardware high-speed sprite scaling, distortion, and tilting effects, hardware decoding of compressed sprite data, hardware clipping and multi-directional scrolling and variable frame rate (up to 75 frames/second).
Note that it offers a 160x102 standard resolution in a LCD Screen of 3.5" diagonal, 4096 color (12-bit) palette and 16 simultaneous on-screen (more than 16 colors can be displayed by changing palettes after each scan line)
SOUND: 4 channel stereo sound (Lynx II otherwise mono), 8-bit DAC for each channel. Capable of generating clear digitized sounds and harmonized music.
The Atari Lynx (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colours palette (16 on screen)
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