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World Tour Racing

World Tour Racing
DeveloperTeque Software Development
Reviewed byndial
World Tour Racing is a 3D polygonal racer for the Atari Jaguar CD add-on. Though it is based on the Formula 1 series, it does not have the F1 license.
World Tour RacingGameplay:
There are 16 tracks to race and the ability to tune your racer to your liking for the best lap times or to try for the pole position. Tire wear and wing damage can ruin your race if you're not careful. A cockpit view along with other chase views and even a trackside camera are selectable while on track along with the choice of automatic or manual gears. A unique feature of World Tour Racing back in the days is that, it includes an automatic steering and throttle mechanism/control that you cannot turn off. It is noticeable when you drive but especially when trying to enter the pits. There are three gameplay option to choose from. In Single Race you choose one of the available 16 circuits and race until you to reach one of the top 3 winning places. In Championship mode, you have to race each of the Grand Prix circuits in turn. Option is available of course to practice each circuit and to experiment with the set-up of the car (in the workshop) before starting the qualifying session. In Arcade Mode you race each circuit with a definitive objective at a time (position, time etc).
AI is well done and the cars can be aggressive, but they definitely know when to give up and fall in line. The game offers a two-player mode via split screen too!
Ok, apart of its unique features and great presentation, the game is rather frustrating at times due to its poor (at times) frame-rate. Frame drop is extremely noticeable on some tracks more than others and especially when in two-player split screen mode.
It is playable though, but for a racer, I would expect more.

Graphics are pretty good here. Backdrops are nice, though the low resolution makes them pretty pixelated. The cars are modeled well and the track surface can be textured if you like by pressing the "8" button while on track (this will cost you a few frames dropping which it really can't spare and it doesn't look as well as you might hope). I really enjoyed though the drivers' field of view and the draw distance which give you a good judgment of the breaking points.
Sound is good, offering sampled SFX of engine noise, gear change, collisions sounds etc. Screeching tires let you know when you've lost grip and need to make an adjustment. I have to admit that the music in the main menu and during gameplay is awesome too!
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
  • World Tour Racing
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information


JaguarCPU: The main processor is called "Jaguar" and it is based on a RISC 3000 MIPS. Co-Processor: MC68000 at 13,3MHz used as a general purpose control processor.
MEMORY: 2Mb (64bit bus usinf 4x16bit fast page mode DRAMS
GRAPHICS: GPU is called Tom at 26,59MHz, 32bit RISC architecture, 4Kb int. cache. Object Processor: 64bit RISC architecture (could do a variety of graphic architectures). Blitter: 64bit RISC architecture managing high speed logic ops, z-buffering, Gouraud Shading (64bit int.registers). DRAM Controller, 32bit memory management.
SOUND: Sound chip is called Jerry. DSP 32bit RISC acrhitecture with 8Kb int.cache. It has CD quality sound while the number of channels used depends on the software. Two DAC (stereo) convert digital data to analog sound signals. Full stereo.
The Jaguar (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (16,7M on screen)
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