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Basket Master

Basket Master
Developer / PublisherDinamic Software / Imagine
Media1 x tape
Reviewed byndial
Basket Master (also known as Fernando Martin Basket Master) is a funny looking one-on-one basketball game developed for the 8bit home-computers and based its name on the popular Spanish basketball player Fernando Martin who was the first Spaniard ever participating on the NBA.
The game, also known as Fernando Martin Basket Master, is a nice looking one-to-one basket game in which you're playing against the former Spanish player who gave his name to this game or against a friend!! Oh yes, the game offers a two-player mode as well, which is a great and unique feature for its time! Your player can dribble, shoot from every position (!), dunk, defend and...of course, make fouls. The game also features some impressive replay scenes. In terms of difficulty, this is a Dinamic game, which means it's too difficult to play! It's almost impossible to keep the ball for more than a few seconds, especially when your opponent is the computer! Although its high difficulty, the game offers great fun and a few great for its era features, like the zoomed-in replay scenes!

The graphics on the Amstrad are great. I like the colors that give better visuals compared to all the other 8bit versions (the CPC version features better details when compared to the C64). The playing field is well designed, with animated spectators on the background (ok it's a two-frames animation but still is quite impressive for its time). The basketball courts are nicely done and there are even on-court Ads showing the Amstrad logo! The player animations are also great, especially when watching the replays (I was amazed by the number of frames Dinamic used here!). As in most 8bit computer games, the sprites animation plays smoother on the C64 compared to the CPC, Spectrum and the rest. The game's sound is also cool, featuring a nice intro tune while there are a few impressive sound effects during each match, such as ball bouncing, the net and crowd cheering when scoring.
  • Basket Master
  • Basket Master
  • Basket Master
  • Basket Master
  • Basket Master
  • Basket Master
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Amstrad CPC
Commodore C64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Hardware information

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128CPU: ZiLOG Z80 4MHZ
MEMORY: 64 KB or 128 KB of RAM depending on the model (capable of being expanded to 512k using memory extension boards)
GRAPHICS: Motorola 6845 address generator, Mode 0: 160x200 / 16 colors, Mode 1: 320x200 / 4 colors, Mode 2: 640x200 / 2 colors, A colour palette of 27 colors was supported
SOUND: The CPC used the General Instrument AY-3-8912 sound chip, providing 3 channels Mono Sound (via internal speaker) but capable to offer Stereo Sound provided through a 3.5 mm headphones jack (with pretty impressive outcome!). Also, it is possible to play back digital sound samples at a resolution of approximately 5bit. This technique is very processor-intensive though.
The Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 (default) color palette
RGB 27-colors palette (16 on screen)
comment on 2019-04-06 22:20:39
alex76grJoin Date: 2017-03-19
Το είχα μάθει τόσο καλά που το ξεφτύλιζα στο σκορ. Τώρα αν με βάλεις να παίξω, ούτε την δική μου ρακέτα δεν μπορώ να περάσω. Ρακέτα δεν λένε αυτό κάτω από το καλάθι?
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